Hotel Villa Cipro


The hotel Villa Cipro is located in via Zara 2, adjacent to the Gran Viale Santa Maria Elisabetta, where you will find the connection for the public transportation and taxis to Venice.


By plane

From “Marco Polo” airport in Venice there’s a shuttle boat service called “Alilaguna”, it takes aprox. 40 minutes, we suggest to verify the timetables at Alilaguna website or telephone Hellovenezia at 041/2424. Alternatively you can reach Lido with private boat taxi (0039415415084).

From “Antonio Canova” airport of Treviso  there’s a direct bus service to Venice/Piazzale Roma ( it takes approx. 35 min - ). From Piazzale Roma to proceed to Lido you have to take the public boat ( ) n. 5.1, 5.2 or 6.1


By car

From the A4 highway, exit at Mestre – Venice and follow the directions for Venice until you reach Piazzale Roma. Once you pass the Liberty Bridge, turn right toward the “Tronchetto” and drive your car aboard the ferry ( ) for a fascinating trip along the Giudecca Canal (35 minutes); once you reach Lido, follow the directions to Gran Viale Santa Maria Elisabetta and we are situated in the last street on your left side. Otherwise, leave your car in one of the municipal parking lots in piazzale Roma and take water shuttle 5.1 or 6.1 to Lido.

Ferry timetable (Tronchetto-Lido)

00.25  01.55  03.25  04.50  05.50  06.40  07.30  08.20  09.10  10.00
10.50  11.40  12.30  13.20  14.10  15.00  15.50  16.40  17.30  18.20
19.10  19.55  20.40  21.25  22.10  22.55  23.40


By train

From Santa Lucia (  , Venice train station, there is a day and night public boat to Lido (  n.5.1, 5.2, 6.1 or 6.2

Or else a water taxi service.

Villa Cipro

Se.Sa.Ro.-Villa Cipro S.r.l.
sede: Via Zara,2 - Venezia-Lido
ufficio delle imprese: Venezia
numero d'iscrizione: 03236420273
capitale sociale: Euro 30.600,00
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